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Stand up and take credit for what you have earned. If you have done your work and prepared yourself properly, now is a time in which you can benefit greatly. Get out of the rut and take action.


A new and exciting partnership with someone else can lead to an expansive world of which you only dreamed of becoming a part. The planetary energy is quick and sporadic, so take advantage of it while you can.

Cancer July 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

A moment will come when you can no longer fight against the current transformation you are going through, notably in your professional life. The situation that you live in will soon land you in a kind of impasse, but this won't necessarily be unpleasant. But you will be obliged to change paths whether you like it or not. In any case, you will undoubtedly want to!

There is a free-spirited, electric energy in the air that is calling your name. Latch on to this wave of energy and look to where you can manifest creative abundance in your life.

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Perhaps a major opportunity for change is knocking on your door. Stop and look through the keyhole before you invite anybody in, but realize that the answer you seek may not necessarily be wearing the same costume that you think it will be wearing. Explore all options and feel free to be bold. Initiate action and don't shy away from change.

Cancer Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Make sure to say what you mean, and mean what you say today. If you practice collecting your thoughts and getting them into sharp focus before you speak, you will be much clearer, and your words will have more impact. On the other hand, don't waste words trying to soften the blow or spare someone.

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This almost always ends up backfiring. Just say what you need to openly and honestly.


Venus in Scorpio pushes you to take the next step and find more intimacy with your partner. You and your partner grow closer, and fresh intimacy blossoms. Pay attention to your dreams, especially near a Full Moon. You are sensitive and loyal, with a ready shoulder to cry on.

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer loves to get domestic, serving your friends and family home-baked goodies and tea. When you get moody, you need to be comforted, or else just left alone.

Like a crab, you can cling — or pinch — when you feel threatened or vulnerable. And thrifty Cancers can pinch pennies just as tightly.


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Of course, you also love to spend! To make life easier, surround yourself with comfort: a cozy sweater, a favorite book, trusted friends, and a stash of your favorite goodies. You may be an unofficial mom to everyone in your life, too.

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Taking care of kids, friends, and pets can keep your spirits high.