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Generating bi-wheel charts, such as the ones pictured below, is helpful when we are studying house overlays. For example, we see that his Sun conjunct South Node fall in her 5th house, at her Moon. We also see Mars and Mercury overlaying her 5th house Mercury is very close to her 6th house cusp. His Moon conjunct Neptune overlay her 3rd house. His Saturn falls in her 1st house, near her Ascendant. His Ascendant falls in her 11th house, and so forth. The above chart is the reverse. Her Neptune technically does fall in his 4th house, but it is tightly conjunct his 5th house, so we consider her Neptune as overlaying his 5th house.

You can also see that her Neptune falls on his own Moon and Neptune conjunction. House overlays go two ways. If my Sun overlays your sixth house, for example, you will view me as useful. If my Sun interacts with your planets in a generally challenging way, you may ultimately consider me to be counter-productive or meddling.

I awaken sixth house issues in you. You may feel somewhat dependent on me in the areas of routines, work, and everyday issues, especially since the Sun is a positive, yang energy, and the sixth house has a yin, receptive energy.

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You receive, and I give, which can set up a co-dependent relationship if other factors in the synastry between us support this. Another example: If your Sun overlays my fourth house, you affect me in a very deep way. Because you bring out a very needy feeling in me, it would be easy for me to be extremely sensitive to your actions in our relationship.

It can take students of astrology a bit of time to wrap their brains around the concept of house overlays in synastry. If your Sun falls in my eighth house, for example, when I interact with you, it is somewhat like the Sun is transiting my eighth house, highlighting and illuminating 8th house issues for me.

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Similarly, if my Sun falls in your third house, I have a similar effect on your life as the Sun transiting your third house. Where the Moon falls in house overlays can be very revealing as well, especially in intimate relationships. I was consulted by a woman whose intimate friendship with a man had ended, and she felt completely torn apart. She had had longer relationships with men that ended, and she felt she recovered from these more easily than she could from this comparatively brief relationship.

Of course, many factors are involved, but one stood out for me, and it helps illustrate the importance of house overlays in relationship analysis. Her Moon falls in his fifth house, and his Moon falls in her fourth house near the IC, the fourth house cusp. She felt dependent on him for emotional sustenance. He told her that he was saddened that the relationship ended as well, but he did not display the same kind of neediness and attachment to the relationship that she did. He missed the good feelings they shared, the laughs fifth house feelings.

He told her that no one he had ever met made him feel so good about himself. She had been a very receptive audience to his stories and jokes, and he expressed that he missed that aspect of their relationship very much. These are both dependent, subjective, and receptive houses. The fifth house has much to do with ego and identity, as it is a fire house, the house of Leo. The third house is another outgoing, active house.

It is the house of Gemini, and has a social and mental quality to it. There is a clear imbalance represented here. I have no idea what happened between them, but these overlays suggest to me that the relationship affected Justin in a deeper manner than it did Britney. Perhaps, to her, the relationship was more fun and games than anything. Very often, we hear of breakup complaints in which one person feels used by the other, or accusations that one person did not care as much as the other. House overlays can be extremely illuminating for these situations.

It can also help us to understand and accept instead of accuse. You may have impacted my identity, purpose, and ego more than anything, while I may have cut much deeper in my effect on your life.

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Because your very heart and soul were on the line, you may, in the end, consider me to be rather heartless. However, if I was involved in a relationship in which the tables were reversed, I might be the sensitive one whose heart and soul were on the line. Most relationships are more balanced than these examples. However, when you do come across these basic incompatibilities in house overlays, it should be noted as very significant. The difference between the outgoing houses and the receptive houses can be thought of as in terms of objectivity versus subjectivity.

It is very difficult for this person to be objective or detached about the partner or the relationship. We can also pay attention to the elements associated with the houses. The 1st, 5th, and 9th houses are fire houses, and have much to do with identity and ego.

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The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are earth houses, and are more practical and material in nature. The 3rd, 7th, and 11th house are air houses, and these houses have a social and mental nature. The 4th, 8th, and 12th houses are water houses, and are emotional in nature. You may be dependent on me for material support or emotional security, for example. Or, you may view me as particularly useful in your life. How this plays out will depend on how I react to this.

I may feel like you see me as an object rather than a person, and this may be difficult to deal with. On the other hand, your seeming dependency on me could feel good to me. If both of your Moons are in Vata Nakshatras, there will be an excess of Vata in the relationship. The woman will tend to suffer more if the excess is Kapha or Vata while the man will tend to suffer more if the excess is Pitta.

The technique that is used to determine whether a couple can create well together and be constructive together is known as Bha Kuta. Bha is a name for the signs of the zodiac and this Kuta is based on the sign positions of the Moons of the couple. The Moon signs of the couple should be the same, in the 7th from each other, in the 3rd and 11th from each other, or the 4th and 10th from each other, in which case seven points are earned.

The Moon signs of the couple should not be in the 6th and 8th from each other, the 5th and 9th, or the 2nd and 12th from each other. If the Moons are in the 6th and 8th from each other it is said to be the giver of loss, ruin, quarreling and separation. If the Moons are in the favorable positions, it is said that there will be prosperity and happiness. All of these results should be taken symbolically and not literally, thus loss of progeny does not necessarily mean loss of children, but the disruption of some of the creative ventures of the couple.

The negative effects of unfavorable Bha Kuta will only be realized if the total points for all eight Kutas the Wavelength score are fifteen or less. The positive effects of favorable Bha Kuta will only be realized in full if the total points are twenty or more. Devas are faithful, open, loyal and devoted. Manushyas are practical and progressive. Rakshasas are independent, eccentric and capable of breaking attachments and conventions.

Only a man with a Rakshasa Nakshatra is able to fully appreciate a woman with her Moon in a Rakshasa Nakshatra. According to the classical texts, Gana Kuta keeps the couple ever young, happy and increasing in love for one another. The technique used to determine the affinity for friendship is known as Graha Maitram Kuta.

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Graha Maitram means planetary friendship. Planets are friendly, neutral or inimical towards each other:. The planets that rule the Moon signs of the couple are considered in respect to their friendship, neutrality or enmity with each other. If they are:. If the signs of the Moons are 7th from each other, Graha Maitram is automatically considered good regardless of the relationship of the lords and the 5 full points are earned. The technique used to determine the instinctive compatibility is known as Yoni Kuta. Asvinni — male horse, Bharani — male elephant, Krittika — female sheep, Rohini — male snake, Mrigashira — female snake, Ardra — female dog, Punurvasu — female cat, Pushyami — male sheep, Aslesha — male cat, Magha — male rat, Purvaphalguni — female rat, Uttaraphalguni — male cow, Hasta — female buffalo, Chitra — female tiger, Svati — male buffalo, Vishakha — male tiger, Anuradha — female hare, Jyeshtha — male hare, Mula — male dog, Purvaashada — male monkey, Uttaraashada — male mongoose, Sravana — female monkey, Dhanishta — female lion, Shatabishak — female horse, Purvabhadrapada — male lion, Uttarabhadrapada — female cow, Revati — female elephant.

Buffalo is friendly with cow, elephant and sheep; neutral with cat, dog, hare, monkey, mongoose, rat and tiger; unfriendly with lion and snake; inimical with horse. Cat is friendly with hare, monkey and mongoose; neutral with cow, dog, elephant, horse and sheep; unfriendly with horse, snake and tiger; inimical with rat. Cow is friendly with hare and sheep; neutral with dog, elephant, monkey, mongoose and rat; unfriendly with horse, lion and snake inimical with tiger. Dog is neutral with elephant, horse, monkey and snake; unfriendly with lion, mongoose, rate, sheep and tiger; inimical with hare.

Elephant is friendly with monkey, sheep and snake; neutral with hare, horse, mongoose and rat; unfriendly with tiger; inimical with lion. Hare is neutral with monkey, mongoose, rate, sheep and snake; unfriendly with horse, lion and tiger. Horse is friendly with monkey and snake; neutral with rat and sheep; unfriendly with lion and tiger. Monkey is friendly with mongoose; neutral with rat and snake; unfriendly with tiger; inimical with sheep.

The Yonis symbolize the primal, instinctive nature of the individual. During intense experiences, including sex, people turn to their instinctive nature as symbolized by the Yonis. The better the Yonis between the couple the better they can act together and bond through intense situations and crisis. Following are some keywords describing the characteristics that the animals symbolize:.

The remainder should be 0, 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8, in which case three points are earned. The technique used to determine if a couple will innately give to each other is known as Vaysa Kuta. Aries, Taurus, the second 15 degrees of Sagittarius and the first 15 degrees of Capricorn are Quadruped signs. The Vasya sign happily benefits the signs to which it is Vasya.

The Vasya signs find meaning and happiness in being of benefit to the signs it is Vasya. The technique used to determine whether a couple will gravitate towards positive improvement or not is known as Varna Kuta. Each sign of the zodiac has a certain caste, which are listed in order of highest to lowest:.

It is not considered best for a woman of a higher caste to marry a man of a lower caste. The technique used to determine whether a couple will have an innate sense of purpose is known as Mahendra.


According to classical texts, Mahendra indicates longevity and well being; and grants children, grandchildren, and prosperity. Mahendra indicates a special affinity and friendship that provides for a sense of meaning and purpose throughout life. If Mahendra is present, and if the rest of the compatibility is solid, even if the couple gets together for the worst of reasons, or immaturely, they will have a great chance of feeling like they should still be together years down the road. The technique that is used to determine whether there will be excessive obstructions that prevent your lives from completely coming together is called Vedha, which means obstruction.

Vedha is determined by the Nakshatras starry constellations that your Moons are in.

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Each Nakshatra has one—or in a few cases two—Nakshatras that are obstructive with it. Below are the Nakshatras that are Vedha to each other and which indicate obstacles to being together. The Nakshatras that your Moons are falling in are highlighted. The technique that is used to determine whether the couple will attract misfortune or not and whether unexpected troubles may arise between them is known as Rajju, which means rope, symbolizing the rope that ties them to misfortune. If they both fall in the feet there will always be wandering.

If they both fall in the hip there will be poverty. If they both fall in the navel there will be loss of children. If they both fall in the neck the wife will die. If they both fall in the head the husband will die. There is an exception to this blemish: If Stri Diirgha respect , full Graha Maitra friendship , Tara comfort and Mahendra innate sense of purpose are present then Rajju need not be considered.

If only one, two or three of these are present then Rajju will only be partially cancelled and still be a source of trouble. The Moon signs of the couple determine this extra magnetic attraction. Certain Moon signs are particularly drawn towards others:.

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This magnetic attraction or draw can cause the person who is drawn to the other to do almost anything for the relationship. It is of greater benefit to the relationship for the man to be drawn towards the woman than it is for the woman to be drawn towards the man since it helps the man bond more strongly to the woman. Women generally bond more strongly than men, especially sexually, so the extra benefits of a bonding attraction are not as strongly felt when it is the woman who is drawn towards the man.

This can indicate a powerful magnetic attraction, which, if the rest of the compatibility is solid, can really add to the relationship, but if the rest of the compatibility is problematic, this can make it very difficult for the person being drawn towards the other to let go if things do not work out. Used properly, however, Kuja Dosha is an important consideration with respect to the couple living in harmony with each other. Kuja Dosha is simply determined by checking to see if Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from the Ascendant, Moon, and Venus.

This check should be made in the natal chart, the Trimsamsa chart which is an important harmonic chart and the Navamsa chart which is the harmonic chart bearing on relationships. Checking Mars from these three points in three charts creates the possibility of Mars being in a Kuja Dosha position nine times. If Mars is in these positions one more time in one of the charts it is also acceptable.

If Mars is in these positions two or more times in one of the charts, the problems begin to emerge. The more the difference between the charts, the more severe the problems will become. If you are interested in learning more about Vedic Astrology, please visit www. See a Sample of this report, entitled Vedic Compatibility Report.

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