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With that said, you are a very pragmatic person. You know where to draw the line as far as your loyalties are concerned. You believe that there are finite lines to loyalty and dedication. Interestingly enough, this is precisely the trait that makes you a great friend and partner for life. Lovers born on January 15 believe in the power of limitations.

Unlike other Capricorns that continue to hang on to losing situations out of sheer stubbornness and fear of embarrassment, you know where to draw the lines. You have to remember that in many cases, friendships blossom precisely because you choose to let go.

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Romantic relationships enter the next level of maturity precisely because the partners choose to let go. This is exactly the trait that you possess and this is why you make for a great partner. People born on January 15 tend to focus on getting stuff done. The reason for this is because you have high standards. What matters most to you is that you are able to achieve a certain outcome.

Capricorn daily horoscope – January 15 12222

You are always on the verge of a breakthrough. You are always on the verge of the next quota or the next innovation. Accordingly, you make for a great online startup entrepreneur, research scientist, or oil wildcatter. You believe that these projects can lead to something positive. This belief is not only infectious, but gives people around you a renewed sense of possibility. They can start entertaining fantasies of what the world could be instead of resigning themselves to what exists. If there is any one thing that draws people to January 15 Capricorns, it is their sense of possibility.

They believe that with enough work, a perfect society is possible. But this isn't the time to stir up trouble, Gemini, however harmless you might think it is. The people you're dealing with require a more thoughtful approach.

We have the "all clear" today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Capricorn

That shouldn't be too hard for you -- you're cerebral by nature. Put your sharp mind to use and mind your manners. It won't kill you, and just might end up saving your skin. Show how much you care in the sweetest, most tactful ways you can today. And it probably goes without saying that giving will usually increase your potential for getting. Just keep those small kindnesses coming, and big success will be likely.

Of course, you'll have to show some gratitude for that. Yes, it's an endless cycle, but it's also the social glue that holds your world together. You have your opinions. Some would even call it a mindset, or maybe a brick wall. Calm down.

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  8. And if you'd at least consider a few other options today, you might find one that looks good. A gesture of cooperation would go a long way toward cracking through your wall. You'll be on a leisurely quest today. Make your inquiries from a position of comfort.

    Go with your gut instead of spending too much effort on research.

    This is your time, Virgo, and you can follow your own style. They couldn't get half as much done in twice the time, and it wouldn't be nearly as cool as what you're offering. That's why you're not even breaking a sweat. You already have this thing in the bag. You're not used to being in such a snarly, surly mood, are you?

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    Ordinarily you're pretty easygoing. But today, you're feeling scattered, and everything just comes out wrong. It's frustrating, to say the least -- your temper could even flare, though that's rare for you. In fact, channel some of that passion toward someone special. Isn't being partners so much more fun than arguing? Someone's way-too-normal approach to a situation has you swinging like a pendulum to the opposite extreme. But face it -- you're conventional, too, in your own way. So don't scoff at anyone for failing to think outside the box. Leo, an area of your life will need your intimate attention, love and nurture.

    You may be taking on a project and placing it under your protection. Perhaps a person close to you needs your support and guidance, but privacy and discretion is extremely important.

    Daily Horoscope January 15, 2017: Capricorn

    There's a passion that you will discover by being there for someone, and an interest close to your heart that comes to light. Virgo, emotions hit a high note. There may be a situation, person, or project that you need to set free. This will be an empowering act for you, and you will feel that you did the right thing for yourself.

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    5. Stay centered in your act as an act of love. Libra, there may be things you are ready to change, but you're not ready to compromise. Stand firm on your needs. The problems you face will soon be behind you with your dignity and determination in tact. Scorpio, people you love are praying for you. Peace and purity of heart are yours today. Claim them for yourself. What you've been longing for is on its way. Sagittarius, a woman, perhaps a mother figure or someone you admire is there to support you. You may find yourself feeling divided between a want and a need.

      There's a chance you won't have to choose one or the other. Be patient. Things are working towards you in a joyful way.

      Russell Grant Horoscopes for January 15 12222

      Capricorn, be confident in your progress. You are creating something that you will receive credit for. Your hard labor will benefit you in due season, right now keep planting seeds in the area of your interest.